An action (also called menu function) is a no-code function that can be defined directly in the UI interface of Build.One. These actions are used for a wide variety of use cases. Among other things, to launch screens, to provide ribbons and toolbars or other buttons with functions or to execute specially written code.

Actions and Menus

The actions define the logic behaviour of a function but they do not define the visual design of how those actions can be triggered. For that purpose the Menu structure is used. Menu structure can have an action linked to them, and it is in the menu where the visual design of the trigger of the action can be customised. Menu structure allow to use the action in different visual elements, it can be used in Toolbar, Ribbon or other elements defined in the Menu structure article.

How to use it

1. Create a new Action

  1. Navigate to Design β†’ Actions & Menus β†’ Actions
  2. Click on the button β€œNew”
  3. Provide the data of your new action
    1. Function Name is the user readable name of your action
    2. For the Function type use Akioma.Swat.Studio.Menu.Action
    3. Function Code is the unique identifier of your action
    4. Other data like Icons, Description or Security tokens GUID are optional
  4. Click on Confirm and another window will open to add functionality to your action.

2. Edit the functionality of your action

After creating an action or If you open an already created action, you will see the Action designer

Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 16.14.13.png