The main menu of is positioned on the left side of the screen. It serves the purpose to navigate between different desktops.

Each desktop opens a defined screen on the right-hand side. In addition, it is also possible to open screens as independent windows within the application, for which a dedicated task is then visible in the upper task bar.



  1. Home Screen: This is the starting screen in Build.One. You can launch applications, access the Automation Hub, open the Security Hub, and access the Data-hub from here. Additionally, there is a link to the documentation.
  2. Design: In this section, you manage, create, and edit screens and various objects. You'll also find components and elements for building screens. Application structure definitions are handled here. Here, you also manage and create applications and modules. Applications are standalone and deployable software solutions. Modules are used to structure application objects.
  3. Logicalize: This is where rule-based low-code sheets, No-code functions and processes are created and modelled.
  4. Integrate: Manage data sources and business entities in this section.
  5. Manage: This section includes system and application-specific content, such as user and security management, tenant management, basic data, and content types.
  6. Deliver: This section handles the management of created objects for exporting to the workspace and persistent deployment on the branch.
  7. Blueprint: Here, you find meta-settings and data for objects in Build.One. You can adjust the structure of objects and create new ones with custom blueprints. Attributes for each object are managed here, and it's also where you maintain link types for connecting objects. Additionally, you can find implemented examples for various use cases here.

Additional Information: Sidebar keyboard navigation

Navigation between items

Keyboard shortcut combo: CTRL+ALT+UP; CTRL+ALT+DOWN

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Collapsing/Expanding items

Keyboard shortcut combo: CTRL+ALT+LEFT; CTRL+ALT+RIGHT

When Sidebar is expanded

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